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Award-Winning Director | Cinematographer

Airbnb Promo

2014 Demo Reel

Tools & Machines

The Buick

The Roaring 30s

Hundred MPH Car

Goodyear: Blimp Safety Video

Office Girl

Goodyear: Day of Action

Captain Kidd “Freaky Love”

Hell at Heathridge: Teaser Clip

Hell at Heathridge Trailer

USG Programming


Promo: Midnight City

Kent in London: When in London

Clip: Mobile Phones

Kent in London: America

Amish Patel

2012 Demo Reel

Summer Roc

Summer Roc Promo

Featured Artist Keilyn


Call Me Maybe

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“Freaky Love” Wins A Telly Award

17th June 2014 By admin

It feels great having the honor of being recognized as an award-winning director after the music video I created for Captain Kidd‘s hit “Freaky Love” has just one a Telly Award.

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Working In Front Of The Camera

26th May 2014 By admin

I’ll admit, growing up as an only child, from time to time I have a sudden urge and craving for attention. In my field, I mainly work behind the camera. This is where I excel. However, I’ve also been fortunate to have many opportunities working as talent in front of the camera.

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“Hell At Heathridge” Red Carpet Premiere

5th December 2013 By admin

After a year of hard work, we finally were able to premiere our feature-length horror film Hell at Heathridge with all of our friends and family.

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